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Improve efficiency and reach more customers

Increase sales, table turnover, productivity, and retain satisfied customers. Become a leading future proof restaurant now.

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Guarantee safety

Regain trust from your guests, guarantee the safety of waiters and guests and strengthen your business with us. With Restoflix contacts can be reduced to almost 0%. If some waiters can not come to work, your restaurant can still continue to take orders efficiently and effortlessly without being overwhelmed. Benefit from our "SAFE TO ORDER & PAY"-label and regain trust.

The Benefits

For your restaurant, bar or café
One App For All Employees

Administrators, waiters, bartenders, cooks and delivery drivers. Everyone has their own dashboard in the app with relevant functionality to receive new orders and complete tasks quickly and effectively.

Free = No Risks

Becoming a Restoflix partner is completely free. You can also benefit immediately and free of charge from our reservation system, the digital menu card and much more. If guests pay via the app, a maximum of 3% transaction costs apply, see pricing below.

Quality Service

Customers on Restoflix are verified and thus potential fraud is reduced. You do not need to verify customers yourself. Just let them order, we do the hard part.

New Customers

Target the right customers. We bring a new clientele into your restaurant and outside your restaurant for delivery and take-away. We also continuously advertise on various media and reach a wide audience.

Digitization And Satisfaction

Customers want to be able to order and view information online. Digitization increases the overall satisfaction of customers, who can order immediately and get exactly what they ordered.

Automation And Time Saving

Don't waste time with all your work processes, like writing new reservations in a book. Take advantage of our included intelligent reservation system that manages your reservations and allows users to simply reserve a table and receive instant confirmations even when you are sleeping.

Customers Order More

Ordering by smartphone increases the number of orders per session, as guests do not have to wait for waiters. This increases the profitability per guest, and thanks to a smoother workflow, tables can be re-staffed more quickly.

Decrease No-Shows

No shows can be quite expensive. We will remind your guests about their reservations by sending them reminder notifications.

Functionalities for your staff
For a better orchestrated management!

Customers Order Via App

No need to walk around from table to table to write order notes. Let customers order via app.

Send Orders To Kitchen

Have customer's that can't order from their smartphone? Take your Terminal App and send their orders straight to the kitchen.

Automatic Reservations

Let customers reserve a table and they will receive an immediate confirmation.


Let customers pay by smartphone or with the waiter.


Enable/Disable and manage incoming delivery and takeaway orders.

Loyalty Program

Let customers participate in your loyalty program and let them save 10%, 20% or up to 50% on their 6th visit.

Multilingual digital menu card

You do not need to translate your menu, we do this part for you so that every guest understands the menu.

Manage Multiple Businesses

View your different companies from one single dashboard. No need for multiple accounts.

Gain New Customers

Hungry customers use our app to discover businesses like yours.


Let's get straight to the point: Use everything for free and we only charge 3% and 30 cents if guests pay online via the app. No additional hidden costs.
Not convinced yet? Online delivery services charge at least 10% commission for the delivery function alone.

Flex Package

Only: 3% and 30 cent if paid online.

  • Orders via App (waiters+guests)
  • Reservation system
  • Pay online via App
  • Discovery function for guests
  • Delivery orders
  • Takeaway orders
  • Loyalty program
  • Unlimited users
  • Everything in the cloud
  • Easy installation
  • And much more...
  • Cash register connection
  • Hardware (Printer/iPad/iPhone)
Get started now

Get started now!

Download the app if we have just successfully confirmed your newly added business or if you are an employee and have been invited to use the app. Profit immediately from all our functionalities!

1. What hardware do we need?

You need at least one tablet (iPas or Android tablet) for the kitchen and your waiters need to have a smartphone. Good WiFi is also strongly recommended. (Restoflix can also provide you with printers)

2. Is there a guide to use the app?

Yes, please contact us and we will help you!

3. Are there any fees?

Using our services is free until the first order over the app (by guests or waiters). If guests pay via the app, a maximum of 3% transaction costs apply. The rest of our services are totally free.

4. Do I need to place the QR codes on every table?

Yes, you need to print the QR codes and place them on every table matching the right table number. You can generate a QR code for every table in the admin area of the app. (Important: QR codes are unique for every table number and should only be placed on the correct table)

5. Are online payments automatically accepted?

Yes, our users can select if they want to pay at your waiter or to pay online by credit card. We will send the payments made online every week to your bank account.

6. Do you provide delivery drivers?

No, we do not provide delivery drivers but you can use your own delivery drivers who can use the driver area in the app to manage orders.

7. Do you provide printers?

Restoflix can also provide you with printers that are compatible with the app. (To print orders in the Kitchen or Bar)