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Save time, boost sales, reservations and more

The fastest way to order and pay in your restaurant

Test 1 month for free - No credit card required - No setup fees - No commission

Restoflix guarantees you an increase in sales.

Restoflix App
Drastically reduce ordering times

It’s super simple for you and your dine-in guests. Just scan and order. Easy as that. All food orders will immediately be sent to the kitchen and drink orders to the bar. Customers can order more whenever they like and pay contactless or with cash without having to wait for staff. Waiters can also order with their own smartphone if guests do not have a phone in order to ensure a quick process.

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Plug and play

All you need is Wifi and an iPad or Android Tablet for the kitchen while waiters can also use their own smartphones. You can get printers from Restoflix. Restoflix can also be used as a full POS.

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The Benefits

Restoflix increases efficiency and makes managing orders and reservations easier. Access statistics, sales and waiter performance from anywhere.

Increase sales and tips by 40%

Serve guests 50% faster

More Benefits

Business App

Download the app if your newly added business has just been confirmed by us or if you are an employee and have been invited to use the app.

User App

Are you a customer? Download the user app and order faster in restaurants, see delivery and take-away orders and manage your reservations.

Guaranteed increase in sales

Several businesses, from restaurants to bars and foodtrucks, have tested our system and were able to increase their sales by up to 80% with Restoflix. That's why you can test our powerful system for free for 1 month. No commitment. No credit card required. No setup fees.

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Try 1 month for free.

1 Month Free - No Credit Card Required
Flex Package

If you already have iPads and Cash Drawers.
0% commission.
  • 24/7 support
  • Online Shop
  • Orders via App (waiters+guests)
  • Reservation system
  • Pay online via App
  • Discovery function for guests
  • Delivery orders
  • Takeaway orders
  • Loyalty program
  • Unlimited users
  • Everything in the cloud
  • Easy free installation
  • Cash register connection
  • Hardware (iPad/iPhone)
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