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9 out of 10 websites are not GDPR compliant

More than 90% of existing websites do not meet the strict standards of the General Data Protection Regulation and are not even aware of it, which puts them at risk of significant fines. Our mission is to protect your business by ensuring absolute compliance, while strengthening your online efforts.
We specialise in enabling your business to establish a modern and fully GDPR compliant online presence, so you don't have to worry about potential fines. We develop websites and advise website owners.


GDPR compliant and privacy-focused

We understand the significance of GDPR compliance in today's digital landscape. We ensure that every aspect of your website adheres to the strictest data protection regulations, safeguarding your users' personal information and building trust with your audience.


Hosted in the EU

Your website's infrastructure is crucial to its performance and security. To ensure maximum data protection, we exclusively collaborate with EU-only partners for hosting and other infrastructure services. This decision is rooted in our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security standards.


No Cookies

By embracing the cookie-less revolution, we create websites that are designed to function efficiently without the need for intrusive cookies. This approach not only enhances user privacy but also ensures faster loading times and a smoother browsing experience, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.


Data Security

The security of your data and that of your valued users is our number one priority. Our commitment to information security is unwavering. By using the latest encryption, anonymisation and strict security standards, we ensure your data is protected from all potential threats. With our commitment to data security excellence, you can have complete peace of mind and focus on your core business.


Customer Satisfaction

In the competitive digital landscape, customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of a successful business. We prioritize the creation of privacy-friendly, user-friendly and high-speed websites, ensuring your customers' needs are met seamlessly. By delivering delightful online experiences, we empower you to cultivate a loyal customer base, drive more sales, and achieve lasting success in your industry.



Our scalable infrastructure empowers your business to reach new heights while remaining fully GDPR-compliant. No matter the size of your business, our solutions are ready to expand with you and propel your success to new horizons.


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Our cookie-free, privacy-focused solution to protect your websites and apps from spam and bots. Leave Google reCaptcha behind and become GDPR compliant, visit Zencaptcha to learn more.

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